Nepal Earthquake Update

The earthquakes in Nepal have devastated many of the remote villages where we have worked for the past eight years. Houses have collapsed. The schools we helped build no longer exist. Exactly how many people have died is unclear.

Now, in the face of unimaginable suffering, we dedicate ourselves to restoring lives. Our team in Kathmandu is working tirelessly to determine how to best use our resources in partnership with the affected communities.

We pledge that your donation will reach the people who need it most. Please donate now to help us rebuild Nepal.

UPDATE July 7, 2015: So far, we’ve raised a total of $110,000 from our individual and corporate well wishers around the globe. Based on the trust that all of our supporters have placed on us, we have decided to tweak our fundraising goal: we intend to raise $100,000 from individual donors and another $100,000 from corporate donors by the end of this summer. Thank you for all your support! Now, spread the word to  help us sustain our momentum and reach our updated goal.

UPDATE June 2, 2015: So far, we’ve raised more than $22,000 of our of goal of $100,000 from individual donors by the end of this summer. We have just successfully earned a $5,000 donor match during the month of May. Thank you for all your support! Now, spread the word to  help us sustain our momentum and reach our goal.

Why donate?

The Santi School Project is run entirely by volunteers. That means 100 percent of your donation goes directly to Nepal, to support our programs to train teachers and rebuild schools. We’re also a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered in the US, so all donations in the US are tax deductible.

Your contributions are critical to our success. Every little bit helps! You will be giving children in a poor rural village in Nepal the chance for an education and a better life.

You can make a donation online or by mail. PayPal is a secure and easy way to send money online. All you need is an email address and a bank account or credit card. PayPal charges a small processing fee (about 3 percent) for its online service.

Make a Donation:

Your donations can help us deliver quality education to students in remote villages in Nepal. Here are some examples of what your donation can accomplish:

  • $10 can buy stationary items for students
  • $25 can buy books for students
  • $150 can pay for a teacher’s salary for a month
  • $500 can furnish an entire classroom
  • $1,000 can renovate (plaster/paint walls and carpet the floor) a single classroom
  • $2,500 can install a new roof on the school building
  • $7,500 can help renovate an entire school building
  • $10,000 can help reconstruct earthquake resistant two room building with metal frames and corrugated zinc sheet roofing
  • $25,000 can help us construct a earthquake resistant two room building made of concrete frames and roof
  • $50,000 can help us construct a earthquake resistant four room building made of concrete frames and roof

Please click on the donate button below and help Santi School Project in its mission to provide the children of Nepal the tools they need to acquire a quality education.


Make Monthly Donations:

Some donors have asked for the option of making a recurring contribution on a monthly basis. PayPal offers this service:

 $20 Monthly Donation

$10 Monthly Donation

Pay by Check:

If you prefer to give by mail, please send your check to the following address:

The Santi School Project

1600 N. Colfax Street #21

Portland, Oregon 97217, USA

Please make out your checks to The Santi School Project.

Transfer directly to Nepal:

You could directly wire transfer the money to our bank account in Nepal as well. The account details are as follows:

Nepal Credit and Commerce Bank Ltd.

Kathmandu, Nepal.

Swift Code: NBOCNPKA

Customer Account Number: 003 000333211 S

Account Name: Shanti Education Initiative Nepal

Address: Bagbazar, Kathmandu, Nepal

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