Dhadkharka Primary School

This project has been completed.

Dhadkharka Primary School built new classrooms but they did not have funds to buy furniture. As a result, the students have to sit on the floor. We are raising US$ 4,400 to help the school furnish its classrooms and provide other essential teaching materials. We plan to raise the funds over the next few months and begin work on September 1, 2011.

Background: Dhadkharka Primary School, established in 1990 with support from local government and locals, is situated in Dhuseni Shivalaya-8 of Kavreplanchok District. Dolalghat, its nearest town, is at a driving distance of two and half hours and is connected to the school by a seasonal road. During the rainy monsoon season, when the roads are unusable, it takes about seven hours to reach the school from Dolalghat.

Landslides created an eminent risk for the school’s building, and as a result two new buildings with seven classrooms were constructed recently. The school has its own library which was established by Room to Read Nepal. There are around 150 students in classes up to grade 5 (the school is being upgraded to grade six in the following academic year). Currently, six teachers are teaching at the school.

dhadkhara primary school classroom without proper furnitureNeed: The school is in a desperate need of furniture in its classrooms as it does not have sufficient for even students of a class. Though the government provided some fund to construct a building and buy furniture, the allocated fund was not enough. Some old furniture are beyond repair and are not usable.

Budget: Desks, benches and whiteboards will be purchased and delivered to the school for Grade Three through Six. Classrooms for the nursery level and Grades One and Two will also be set up. The total estimated cost for this project is US$4,400.

How you can help?

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