Saat Kanya Primary School


Saat Kanya Primary School, Bhattedanda -3, Lalitpur district was established in 1983. The school has five teachers serving 90 students from nursery to grade five.  The school is around 35 kilometers away from Kathmandu.


The school has a source of water that is usable for six months of a year only. For the remaining six months, the school has to depend on carrying water on vessels from nearby homes, which also depend on pumped water from source that is at a lower altitude than the school.

In order to make classrooms, teachers and students cleaner and more tidy, the school was looking for resources to replace its chalkboards with markers and dry and erase (white) boards.


We decided to help the school install a drinking water system and provide six dry and erase boards. Out of the total estimated cost of  NRs. 141,000 (US$ 1,500) we contributed NRs.  107,000  (US$  1,100) and the rest was borne by the school.

An agreement was signed on June 9, 2014 and the work is expected to be completed by end of July.

Jana Jagriti Higher Secondary School


jj2Jana Jagriti Higher Secondary School of Ikudol, Lalitpur was established in 1978. The school has 16 staff members serving more than 250 students from nursery to grade 12. The school is around 50 kilometers away, on a gravel road, from Kathmandu.


The school had completed the construction of ground floor of a two storied building. Because of  lack of funds to complete the building construction, the school was conducting classes in congested rooms.


The school approached us seeking help for the completion of the first floor of the building and add four more rooms. We agreed to provide NRs. 456,000 (US$ 4,800) out of the total estimated cost of NRs. 701,000 (US$ 7,380) with the community bearing the rest.

An agreement was signed with the school in this regard on May 11, 2014. The project is expected to be completed by September 16, 2014.

We have also supported the school by replacing chalkboards with markers and white boards in 2012.

For more photos about the school, please see the album below:

Nawalpur Secondary School



Nawalpur Secondary School, Nawalpur VDC, Sindhupalchowk district was established in 1955. The school has 14 staff and teachers serving about 500 students from nursery to grade 10. The school is about 75 kilometers away from Kathmandu. The school has six buildings with 12 rooms that are being used as classrooms and office/staff room.


The school has several needs – managing the drinking water system, renovating toilets, fixing door and window shutters, setting up library, computer and science laboratories. The most pressing need is that of managing the drinking water system and renovating the toilets so that they become usable. There is provision of drinking water at the school but the supply is not regular and without the collection tanks, when the students need it in the afternoon, there is no water to drink or use in the toilet.

There are four structures to be used as toilets. However, most are not in good condition – some without functioning roofs, others without proper doors, and some whose walls have cracked from top to bottom.


Adam Martin, a US citizen, had visited Nawalpur Secondary School in the winter of 2013/14 through the help of Chandra Man Nakarmi, a resident of Nawalpur. Adam saw that in some classes the students are studying in congested rooms and teachers have access to basic resources only. He helped the school install internet facility and donated some 20 Nepali – English and 20 English – Nepali dictionaries to the school. After he returned from there to the US he wanted to do something more. So, he is raising funds to implement setting up of the drinking water system and renovating toilets structures and interiors through the Santi School Project (SSP), a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization registered in the US. The project will be implemented through the Shanti Education Initiative Nepal, an organization registered with the District Administration Office, Kathmandu, Nepal and the partner organization of SSP.

Where is this school?

How much does this project cost?

This project is expected to cost around US$ 1,500.

How long does it take to complete this project?

From the day of the start of work, this project is expected to take around two months to complete.

How much does each component cost?

  • $ 10 buys a water tap
  • $ 20 buys a tap basin
  • $ 50 buys transportation of the materials to the school from Kathmandu
  • $ 100 buys a water storage tank

How can you help?

You can help Adam and the Santi School Project team meet their target in fundraising by donating through paypal – paypal buttons are on this page as well. Alternatively, you can write a check in the name of The Santi School Project and mail that to

The Santi School Project
39 Convent Road
Nanuet, NY 10954, USA.

You contributions are tax deductible and if you would like to receive an acknowledgement of the donation, please write to us.

We have signed a MoU with the school on April 20, 2014 and work has begun at the school.

You can see more photos of the school and Adam with students and teachers of the school in the album below: