First, we built a school 

The Shree Shanti Primary School in a Tamang village in Ramche, a rural area in the mountains of Nepal, which could only be reached on foot then. From May 2012, we have handed over the school to the local community after funding most of its operation for four years.

Then we began renovating existing schools

We’ve replaced leaky roofs, fixed toilets, built new classrooms, and installed new furniture at seven schools (as of October 2012) in central Nepal that had fallen into disrepair and put students at risk.

We’re providing specialized teacher training

We developed our own training curriculum focused on early childhood education and English-language instruction. Otherwise, most teachers receive inadequate government-sponsored training, or none at all.

And, we are mobilizing volunteers

We are mobilizing domestic and international volunteers in schools we have partnered with to help them improve their English speaking environment and to promote extra curricular activities.

All to promote quality education in rural Nepal, especially for girls and ethnic minorities

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the US, so all donations are tax deductible. And 100% goes to Nepal, because we’re run entirely by volunteers.

In Nepal, we are registered as Shanti Education Initiative Nepal, the sole implementing agency of the Santi School Project.

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